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...having been almost totally away from the net (except twitter and facebook) for a week. If it's in a blog and it happened, I probably don't know about it (except for the one surprise, and my sympathies and understanding go out to the two of you).
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Yep, in a little over a week, I'm spending 3 days in San Francisco for The View's Lotus Notes and Domino 8 Upgrade Seminar at the (I assume) lovely Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf.

On the downside, it's a pretty intensive seminar and work is paying a significant amount of money for me to go, so I can't blow any of it off. On the upside, the seminars put on by The View have a very good reputation. On the even better upside, it's still 2 nights in SF (the hotel is expensive, so I can't really justify getting a room Sunday night). I may be looking for folks who can join me for dinner on Monday and Tuesday, and/or suggest good and interesting places in the neighborhood. That's subject, though, to how thrashed I am after Monday's classes.

Since [ profile] npage1 asked, here's my "free time" schedule for the seminar:
Monday, June 16: Lunch 12:30-1:45, wrap at 5:00
Tuesday, June 17: Lunch 12:00-1:15, wrap at 4:30
Wednesday, June 18: Lunch 12:00-1:00, go home at 4:15
I'm not going to have a car, so I'm not going to be able to get very far at lunch.
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Go to: Caltrain Station - San Jose, Cahill St & San Fernando St (511 location map) (Google map)

Board: Caltrain Northbound Line/San Francisco at 5:45 am (next at 6:03 am) (schedule detail)
Fare: Pay $7.50, Get Caltrain Rail Ticket

Get Off: Caltrain Station - San Francisco at 6:42 am

Go to: S. Corner Of Townsend St & 4th St (511 location map) (Google map)

Board: SF Muni Bus #10/Vanness&North Point at 6:49 am (next bus 6:59 am) (schedule detail)

Important! Important Announcements About This Route What is Important Announcement?

Fare: Pay $1.50

Get Off: North Point St & Jones St at 7:14 am

Go to: 555 North Point Street in San Francisco (511 location map) (Google map)


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