Mar. 14th, 2009 09:07 pm
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Ana Lisa Hedstrom. Old thrift store poly/acrylic sweaters. Shibori. Heat transfer disperse dye sublimation. You wouldn't believe it if you saw it.
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Look at this flash gallery from Sibling, a new knitwear company out of London

Watch for the ram. You'll know it when you see it.

The carousel horse is cool too. Watch out for mice, though.
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Tomorrow (Saturday) is the first anniversary of the new Eddie's Quilting Bee store.

We're going to the 30% off sale because they're one of the only reliable sources of the infamous Alexander Henry novelty beefcake print fabrics.

Anyway, we're looking at going at around 11:30am tomorrow. Anyone else interested?
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A busy not-busy weekend it was.

Saturday was, of course, PenWAG meeting. It was the summer pot-luck brunch meeting, so we had a good crowd, if a somewhat warm room (we have divined that there is no A/C in the fellowship hall).

The afternoon program was a trunk show by Rachel D.K. Clark. The woman is a blast. Seriously one of the best speakers the club has had in ages.

Sunday we went to Obon with [ profile] yotefoxwolf and [ profile] gurdymonkey.

It was... interesting.

We did not dress. I didn't feel like pressing our hakama. Then again, there were very few people in traditional clothing, aside from the taiko performers. We may dress next year.

In many ways it was just a standard church festival/carnival. There were food vendors, lots of food vendors, with interesting and very fresh Japanese goodies. There was a performance area. We got to see some of the UC Irvine Jodaiko performance. They were pretty good.

Most of the local shops were open, so we did a bit of shopping. Nichi Bei Bussan was a pleasant surprise; we had never gone in because it's at the edge of the shopping district. They had a very nice selection of vintage clothing, an excellent selection of footwear, and a very large martial arts store.

Nikkei Traditions (the Hawaiian Japanese store) had some cute stuff.

We almost always make a stop at Kogura Company, and made some good finds there. They had some nice books on tsukemonon (Japanese "pickles") and some other goodies. There will be a return shopping trip soon.

Nikaku Japanese Arts (the website is focused on the Nikaku Animart portion of the business) was also a good stop. We didn't buy anything, but if you ever want a big tanuki statue (and are willing to pay real money) they've got them.

Finally we returned to the performance area to see San Jose Taiko perform. They were, as always, fabulous.

Rather than staying for Bon Odori (traditional dance) we bailed on the festival and went downtown to the Camera 12 to see Wall-E. It was a good film. Highly recommended. Strange, but highly recommended.
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We've definitely got PenWAG going on Saturday.

It's the big July Pot-luck Picnic Brunch, followed by a trunk show by Rachel D.K. Clark. The club requests a $5 donation from non-members for the meeting itself, and the trunk show is $15 (no registration cap, no membership requirement, it can be signed up for at the brunch).

San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin's Obon is also this weekend, but it's Saturday and Sunday. We've never gone before, but I've heard it's one of the iconic Japanese festivals of the west coast. [ profile] gurdymonkey wants to go. We could do Saturday after Ms. Clark's trunk show, or we could go Sunday. Just need to pick a day (Sunday is tempting). I figure that rather than dealing with J-town parking, we can park at Curtner Station and right the light rail up to Japantown/Ayer.
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So here's how next Saturday (6/14) is shaping up:
08:45: Breakfast, probably OPH (-ish, could be as late as 9:15)
10:00: PenWAG meeting in Saratoga
12:00: (-ish) finish at PenWAG meeting and head to Milpitas
13:00: (or earlier, ideally earlier) get to West Kingdom Arts & Sciences Tourney at Ed Levin Park in Milpitas to join [ profile] gurdymonkey and [ profile] gcmadtown81

From then on it's all wing-it.
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There's 40 yards of white flax linen sitting in the front hall. It's a pretty standard "universal" weight (i.e. heavy enough for slacks, but light enough for a heavy shirt). There are 10 yards each of dark red and dark green hemp/soy fine "cross linen" on order.

Will be ordering some neopaque fabric paint, but haven't decided quite on what color yet.
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Got the order mix-up with Marcy Tilton sorted out satisfactorily.

Got a ride-in appointment scheduled to rebuild the seat for the K75. November 12, 7:00am in Hollister. Blah, but it needs to be done and I have that day off.

Got my health plan changed to Kaiser. It's not like I was taking advantage of the old one, and this will give me incentive to make use of it come January.

Left a voice mail with Scharffenberger to talk about the CC26 tour group in April.

Ordered a hemp fabrics swatch set from Pickering International. It comes with the price list, so we'll see if it's affordable.

Ordered the Silk Connection Swatch Set.

Ordered the free bleached linen swatch set from

Oh, BTW...

Oct. 5th, 2007 02:42 pm
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...if you're in on the Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild meeting excursion from Silicon tomorrow morning, our rental car while the Subaru is in the shop is..., not an Excursion. Just a Ford Explorer. Still big. We've got more room for riders than originally anticipated.
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Bamboo silk brocade, Bamboo silk brocade,
One of the good finds at the Poppy Fabrics going-out-of-business sale. 4 yards. Might be enough for a dobuku...

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I'll do a voice post when we're getting ready to leave Dim Sum...
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We stopped at the Anderson Outlet mall on the way home from Redding, mostly because I forgot to bring sunglasses and the sun finally came out on Sunday morning. We also stopped at the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet store. We hadn't stopped in a while, because the last few times they just didn't have tall or long size shirts.

This time they had shirts, but they also had yardage. $10/yard is a pretty good price for quality wool plaids. Didn't get any, because we don't have any plans that call for wool plaid, but if you're desperate for good wool plaid for Victorians and the drive up to Anderson is reasonable for you, it's worth checking out.
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'k, so I wouldn't normally suggest bailing on a convention for something else, but this is in the morning, when the con is kind of slow.

Saturday morning (October 6) is the monthly Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild meeting in Saratoga. It's at 10:00am. We're going. If you want to join us for an early breakfast at the Coffee Garden and then head to the meeting (it's a $5 donation requested from non-members), let us know. We'll probably have room for a person or two in our car.
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Muppet Pants!

Got more done on the scrubs pants, probably just under 2/3 done. Need to buttonhole for the drawstring, set in the elastic, and hem. That's it.

Still very happy with the pattern.

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...on the [ profile] stmungo scrubs pants. They're cut out, and I'm about 1/4 way through putting them together.

Still loving the Kwik Sew scrubs pattern. Directions are rock solid, and some of the weirder bits are really worth it.

Thinking things over, I would not do this pattern in some other knit, unless it was a real tight knit with very little stretch. The eyelash is totally saving this, making all kinds of little flaws disappear.

I am so glad that the Pfaff 332 is back and working. Except for its lack of a knee-bar speed controller, it's an absolute dream of a machine. Parts are getting scarce, though. If it ever dies I expect I'm looking for a Pfaff 1222E to replace it.


Sep. 17th, 2007 05:23 pm
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The Pfaff 332 and the Singer 4/2 serger are back from the shop. We picked them up Friday before heading to the rodeo, and dropped off the Elna Supermatic and the BabyLock Pro Line Serger are in for service.

Just in time for more work on scrubs...
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I've got my scrubs pattern done up in true-grid. It turns out that K and I are going to take the same size scrubs top (barring any lies on the envelope). Pants are a different matter, I'm going to take a large with a 5" extension (easier to hem up if I'm wrong) and K is going to take a medium, possibly without any extension.

At this point I love Kwik Sew patterns. They're on nice sturdy paper. The size gradations are color-coded. Every edge is labeled. I wish I could say that about any dozen other pattern companies.

The 'splodey part (because I hate cutting, but it wasn't really that bad)? Got some more artwork restored, and it looks like I'm down to a bit over 300 albums without art.
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The September Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild meeting is coming up this Saturday. It's at 10:00 AM at Immanuel Lutheran Church on Saratoga Avenue. If you're free and interested in going, let us know.

We're going to preceed it with breakfast at the Original Pancake House at Almaden & Curtner at probably around 8:45 AM.

We're planning to follow it with a run to Eddie's Quilting Bee to pick up the new Embellisher Needle-felting machine and also a run to Viking Sewing Center on Lincoln to drop off a pair of machines for service.
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From their newsletter:

We Are Liquidating Our Entire Fabric Inventory! will soon be changing hands. All fabric on our web site must be sold to make way for the new owners. With this liquidation sale discount, all fabric on our site is now available at incredibly low prices! This sale offer is for our web site fabric only and is not available in our Littleton store.

The Denver Fabrics Littleton store is not changing owners and will continue to offer Colorado customers the same outstanding selection of fine fabrics.

use coupon code: ALLFAB%30
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...that I'm most excited about.

I'm happy with the results on the Japanese project, but I could have done better. Of course, that's why I used cheap clearance-rack plaid and sale calico. This iteration was more about learning how the garments went together. Still, the plaid and the purple look great together, and I'm wishing I had made my mistakes on something less interesting. And, of course, after being in the "I'm so glad that the next project isn't Japanese" state for Saturday night and Sunday, I'm already excited about the next iteration of Japanese.

Of course, if you rewind to 3 or so weeks ago, it was all about shopping for St. Mungos (because I thought I had good fabric for Japanese, and then I realized it's all in the warehouse and the deadline was upon us).

So we've got Mungo's to start on. Scrubs have to be done for Silicon.

I've got patterns. I like the Kwik-Sew pattern because the pockets, collar and yoke offer plenty of opportunities for embellishment. The women's pattern and misses' pattern have a button-down scrub top that is pretty cool too.

I've got fabric. The gallery isn't even up to date, I've got a stack of fabric I found while re-sorting the boxes of fabric from the garage that I haven't photographed yet (A copy stand! A copy stand! My Kingdom for a copy stand!).

I've got sewing machines and sergers that aren't overdue for a visit to the shop. I've got needles. I've got thread.

I've got a cutting table that's clean, and needs to be folded up long enough to vacuum the studio. Might get to that tonight.


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