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[ profile] reichmarshall is a disturbing freak. I dare you to watch this.

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We're back from Costume-Con. I did not live-tweet as I planned to, but did post a little.

We had a good time. I shot a lot of pics. Report and photos to follow.
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Spread the word! On August 2, Tweet like William S. Burroughs!

So who was this Burroughs guy anyway?

Well, it depends on your perspective. Burroughs was a junky, hopped up on just about every opiate he could find on a regular basis. Burroughs was an unstable and irresponsible deadbeat, living off a trust set up by his parents (who, while well-to-do weren't fabulously wealthy). Burroughs was an on-again, off-again exile, fleeing legal problems whenever they cropped up. Burroughs was an experimental writer, a beat writer, a man with an undeniably strange flair for the English language.

But what does this have to do with Twitter?

Were Burroughs still alive, he would have taken to Twitter like a fish to water. The flowing stream of words, all mixed up, would have totally enthralled him. The 140 character limit would just be another playground to experiment int. The strangeness of tweet-language, with its compressed words and hashtags would embrace him.

OK, so how do I Tweet like Burroughs?

Well, you could go all method (or in this case methadone). Get so high that you start streaming nonsense into your tweets. Or go into rehab and tweet. Not that I can really recommend this option...

You could take the lazy option and tweet about Salt Chunk Mary, mugwumps, purple-assed baboons, Interzone and sewer commissioners. Of course you would have to read some Burroughs to figure out how to do it, so it might not be that lazy.

You could take the literary analysis option. Take a bunch of your old tweets, or a bunch of random tweets, cut them up and remix them. Recycling and remixing is classic Burroughs.

You could tweet all the things you never would tweet in public under an alias. Integrate your mother's maiden name. It's a very Burroughs thing to do.

The final thing?

In any case, close your Burroughs tweets with the "#tweetWSB" hashtag. It would be... amusing if this were to become a trending tag for a day.
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This one is for [ profile] marquesate (assuming she forgives me).

The Israeli Defense Force presents... well, you'll just have to see

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...he needs a bit of p0wnage.

Go forth. Check out [ profile] taffscarf. Join it. Evangelize it. All must know the greatness of the scarf...

...and [ profile] johnnyeponymous' lack of promotion for such a great thing!
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Samantha Brown! You have to get out of here! Your vagina is haunted!

I predict this will supplant Rickrolling and All of your base... in a matter of days.

Oh, and, for the record, the review is funny in ways the comic book could never be.


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What's a sea kitten?

Well, it's the same relation to a real kitten that sea monkeys are to real monkeys.

Well, that's not true. Monkeys don't eat sea monkeys. Kittens do eat sea kittens.

this post almost prompted me to create a "stupid" tag


Aug. 18th, 2008 01:51 pm
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You're not a social retard with a self-diagnosed mental condition.


Jul. 18th, 2008 02:30 pm
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<yoda>Watch it you must. Stupid to the absurd side leads.</yoda>

Yes, I tagged this with "music" and "tech." I feel tainted.

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I'm doing this because I believe the numbers that higher education government spending is one of the best uses of taxpayer money and is a significant factor in California's economic success.

Please consider sending an email to the Governor and the legislative leadership in Sacramento asking them to fully fund the CSU. It's as simple as clicking this link and filling in your name and email address.
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Doing dull admin work, listening to the lunch set for the PenWAG fashion show (Telemann's Tafelmusik at the moment, if you're wondering).
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I'm bouncing back from the con. Yesterday was the first day I didn't crash part-way through, and it was a busy day. I also didn't hurt this morning when I got up (although I'm not without hurt, as I found turning back to look into a parking space I was waiting to get into; more of a stretch than I expected).

As for yesterday...

We did a bit of shopping, picking up stuff for our raffle Chinese Auction basket for the PenWAG fashion show. It all started with a set of 8 vintage molded glass faux-cut-crystal champagne flutes my parents sent me, and the idea of doing a '70s inspired hat box. We found a powder-blue white polka-dot tall cylindrical box at The Container Store. We found a floral-pattern Joseph Schmidt truffle assortment and a Scharffen Berger dark bar assortment at the Jos. Schmidt outlet. There's a new paper store at Santana Row, and we got some avocado green tissue paper and this great red poppies on green ground decorative paper. We're going to add a bottle of Thomas Coyne Chardonnay and a bottle of Cedar Mountain Rosé of Pinot Noir (chardonnay and rosé just scream '70s).

Then we hopped up to Berkeley to have coffee with [ profile] lferion before dropping her at the Oakland airport. We discovered that our GPS maps didn't yet have the new entrance on it, so we were routed on the old detour routes, but that wasn't actually bad.

We got back home in time to load the car for the PenWAG fashion show rehearsal. There was a smidge of hotel drama at the beginning, but we got running and everybody did very well. It was a little work getting the sound up, and we're going to a different solution for the show itself on Saturday, but it was sufficient proof-of-concept and I'm not worried about it now.
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View Andrew Trembley's profile on LinkedIn
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Comments are screened if you want to leave her email, or if you don't, ask her to email chair (at)
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I need some help (or you can translate this to "I'm feeling too lazy to do the research myself right now").

I'm looking for two things:
  • Fonts: anybody know any good renaissance-y fonts? I'm looking for something that is both relatively period-accurate for Tudor and Elizabethan printed books, broadsheets and handbills, and something that the less-than-educated viewer will think "Oooh, old!" when they see it. Free preferred, but feel free to recommend commercial fonts. OpenType preferred, but feel free to recommend TrueType or PostScript.
  • Tudor & Elizabethan printed things: Books, broadsheets, handbills and signs. Yes, of course, facsimiles preferred, and online sources preferred. At work I've got access to a number of academic online collections, so feel free to recommend restricted services; I might be able to get to them.
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Yes, this is better than that song I posted the other day.

No, I'm not just saying that because anything is better than Doctor in Distress.

However, if you don't like the "Cat Macro" and "LOLcats" phenomenon, you may disagree with one or both of the previous statements

If you're one of those purists who doesn't think The Beatles should be pillaged to humorous effect, you will definitely disagree with both of those statements.

For the rest of you, a bit of serial silliness:

It's not Cat Macros but it's pretty good.

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The National ROFL Association
Remember, cats don't LOL people, people LOL people.


Feb. 8th, 2008 05:22 pm
bovil: (Default) anticipation of all my high school classmates checking out my website and my journal (yeah, right) I've done a bit of housekeepling.

I've changed my website to just link my LJ instead of embedding it, and to also link to my

Since my LJ isn't embedded into my website anymore, I switched from the dirt-simple layout I had before to the almost-as-simple "Chopsticks" Expressive style. The big bonuses? Expandable comment threads and the sidebar tag list.

Oh, I also posted my bio on the classreports site, and sent the class administrator a link to the current photo so he can post it.
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