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I'm looking for a few good artists who would be willing to produce cover art for my new epub fanzine, iKinook Reader. Attached is a sample of the iKinook Reader cover typography as a PNG with transparency to be used as a design template. Art may fill the complete document page or not.

iKinook Reader cover template iKinook Reader cover template
Text template for the iKinook Reader cover. The final image size for the cover will be 396x594 pixels, and the cover design has to take the text location into account. Text will be colored black or white as appropriate to the background.
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But it's a good 'un.

The Organization for Transformative Works (read "fanfic") has started working with the University of Iowa to get fanfic 'zines into a cataloged archive.

Two days ago they announced the first collection has been received in their blog and their LiveJournal community.

Surprisingly enough, their blog comments exploded into draaaahma and the LJ comments were "Oooh, cool, here are some things that need to make it into the collection, what can I do to help?"

The funny thing?

Mariellen (Ming) Wathne's "lending library" collection is what all the stink is about. For the most part, 'zines that were either originally sent to Lucasfilm to satisfy their copyright management desires or sent to Ming for the express purpose of being part of a lending archive.

It's estimated to be about 3,000 items. A few dozen boxes.

That's a drop in the bucket, not only among the total number of fanzines published, but among the total number of fanzines in academic collections. U of Iowa and UC Riverside each have well over 200,000 fanzines already in their collections.

Even if U of Iowa and UC Riverside have half a million 'zines, that's still a drop in the bucket. Support your community archivists, public and private.
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I've got a bad idea.

A really bad idea.

You're already doing a "fanzine in an hour" in the lounge.

You need to do a "Fanwriters with Drinks" drunkzine in an evening!
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Hugo Nom that is...

I've filed my 2007 Hugo Award nominations.
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Check out for the latest in structured fanwriting. Or add [ profile] efanzines_com to your friends page. Or subscribe to the yahoogroup.

Recently up:
John Purcell's (aka [ profile] profgeek) Askance #6 (PDF), with an article by yours truly about the whole Core Fandom kerfluffle, and an article by Claire Brialey on the same topic but with a slightly different perspective (I think some of the differences are rather Brit-fandom culture-specific, though).

[ profile] johnnyeponymous's The Drink Tank #158, featuring another "anonymous" faaanfic submission, apparently taking both Chris and [ profile] frankwu to task for being confused acolytes in thrall to Cheryl Morgan and taking Cheryl to task for, well, I'm not really sure what the author is taking Cheryl to task for. Perhaps for not giving Core Fandom the deference it desires and perpetuating the myth that gen-SF conventions and Worldcon are fun. Read it and make up your own mind.
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(the timing was just too good)
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...drift on over to [ profile] profgeek's Askance #5 (PDF) at Check out "The Thin Veneer: Who a Fan?" by Arnie Katz.
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...and not just because I have an article in it.

It's a gorgeous fanzine, clean and spartan in its design. It may not be up to the design standards of a [ profile] hai_irouchuujin 'zine, but I've seen few other 'zines that come this close, much less first 'zines that do. This issue has 4 articles about conventions and other in-person fanac.
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...[ profile] johnnyeponymous didn't get me:

The Knarley Knews

(and yes, I just added "fanzines" to my tag taxonomy. I'm not going to go and back-tag this one. Yet.)


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