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...but numbers aren't meaningless. They just don't always mean what everybody assumes they do.

So, since it's the beginning of a new year, the "by the numbers" post:

K got me going to the gym last year before New Year's (end of December 2008).

It took me about a week to reach the point where I wasn't dying after 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. K picked me up a heart rate monitor, and I started using the heart rate programs on the machines. This was good because it warned me when I was pushing myself more than I should.

Just before FurCon 2009, I weighed myself for the first time in ages and came up over 230 pounds (how much over, I don't remember). Just before FurCon 2009, I bought a bunch of new 36" waist jeans because my old 36" jeans were wearing out (because they were too tight). Except for one pair, they were a bit tight.

I worked up to an hour a day on my preferred elliptical machine, and once I adapted to it, moved to a different elliptical machine that's more flexible. I switched to two days a week on stairmill.

In early November, I weighed in at 201 pounds. I cut 5" off the end of my belt. I bought several pairs of 34" waist jeans. They're tight enough to not fall down without a belt, but still not tight.

November and December being the months of eating indiscriminately (and missing workout days because of travel, parties and, surprisingly enough, work), I've bounced back up to the 205-210 range. That said, the fit of my clothes hasn't shifted significantly, so I'm not particularly worried. It's also moving back down again.

I've switched one day a week to an actual treadmill. I hate treadmills, but I'm slowly losing the false motion impression that lingers after I stop. I still ache the day after, but I'm aching a lot less the day of.

I'm not going to be back down to my driver's license weight (190, in 1999) by FC or Galli (as I had hoped), but I'm also not worried about that.

I can touch my toes without unlocking my knees again (and I haven't been able to do that since I was 13 or 14).

I'm able to fit in clothes that I bought more than 5 years ago (and my kilts fit better). I should fit in the suit that I bought in London a decade ago. I might get back down to 32" waist jeans, but I'm not sure I really want to buy a half-dozen pairs of jeans again in 6 months.

All in all, a rather satisfactory place to be.
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The car is fixed. It no longer makes hmmmmmm and thummm-thummm-thummm sounds.

I need to go out shopping for jeans. The jeans I have now are too big and too bulky to just belt comfortably.

I plugged a new power supply into the dead Dell. It's alive again, and is my new living room computer. It's got a few issues (Ubuntu linux doesn't really like the audio chipset, and the wireless keyboard is useless until it's booted into an operating system) but it's turning out to be a pretty good little media station (particularly since it's not powered up and overheating 7x24).

I am playing with free VOIP services. I've got a Gizmo5 ( account set up using Ekiga client (yes, I've tried Gizmo, Qutecom and linphone, this is the combo that works nicely with my hardware and Windows). I haven't set up Skype yet, but I may...

My spare work computer is going back to work, to do worky things. I've actually got need for it there again.
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I cut 5" off the end of my belt. It's one of the styles where the holes go along the whole length, so it was pretty simple and didn't require extra work to punch new holes. Now I don't have to slide the buckle to the right and my cellphone holster way to the left to keep the tail from causing problems.

I tried on 34" waist jeans yesterday. They were snug, but they fit. I'm going to wash some of the 36" waist jeans I've got in hot water to see if they shrink down any to fit better. I would like to fit in 32" waist jeans again.

I tried on some old fitted shirts. They don't fit yet. They're closer, though, than they were.
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...can be up to 40"?

I'm down 20 lbs from when I started weighing myself in January. For sake of consistency, I weigh myself first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Yeah, it's my lightest of the day, but what I care about is the relative change, and consistency in measurement. Over an average week my weight tends to fluctuate around 4lbs between the high (Monday, after two days of not going to the gym) and low (sometime between Thursday to Saturday, inclusive).

In January, a bit before FC, I was over 230 lbs in the morning. My low for last week was Saturday at 207.5, and this morning was 211.5. Well within the margin.

I also took a waist measurement sometime after that first weight (I'm guessing mid to end of February). It was 40". Yep, I bought a few new pairs of 36" waist Levis jeans in January (pre-shrunk, not shrink-to-fit), and they fit just fine at the time. Neither of those things made me happy.

This weekend? I'm at about 37". Those 36" waist jeans won't stay up without a belt. Well, some of them won't. Some actually appear to resemble the measurement that's on the label (one pair out of five is a reasonable fit at 37"). My 36" waist kilts (that Utilikilts prides themselves on being accurately sized) almost fit properly again, and the khaki twill kilt (which was a smidge under 36" and marked as such, and was snug when I bought it) is close to fitting again.

So, yeah, progress. Visible progress. I look more like I thought I looked and less like I did.

There's still a ways to go. I've got about 20-25 lbs before I'm back to my driver's license weight (10 years ago, when I moved to California). Once I'm there, then I'll figure out where to go next.
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Kitchen clean enough to work in? Check.

Halibut fillets in olive oil, dill, salt and cracked pepper in vac bags and thawing? Check.

Scallops misoyaki in vac bags and thawing? Check.

Living room clean? Well, not really. All the carpet is the same color again, though, and it's just a matter of cleaning off the table.

Back yard clean? Surprisingly.

Just a bit more to do.
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...or just construction?

Much yard work was done today. The gas grill was assembled. The crack in the irrigation line was (I hope successfully) patched. Replacement bunches of blue fescue were planted. "Grub control" granules were laid down on the lawn.
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Still making it to the gym regularly. Doing an hour a day on differing elliptical-style machines. May throw a treadmill or stairmill in to the mix one day a week, may not. I kind of hate treadmills.

Down 10 lbs from when I started measuring in January. No, it doesn't really show. There's also a lot narrower day-to-day fluctuations than at the beginning. May have to start working a bit harder to maintain the 3-4 lbs a month that I've been dropping.

In general, I do feel better most of the time.
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As in "significant cleaning that required purchase of furniture" type cleaning.

The house is not clean.

It is in a state where, after a bit of touch-up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights it will be clean.

The studio will still be a disaster. There will still be stacks of books behind the sofa. The garage will still be chock full 'o crap.

But the rest of the house will be presentable.
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So, apart from convention travel days and one "I'm late for a meeting day" I've been making it to the gym every weekday since just before New Years.

I'm only doing cardio (but varying machines and patterns) until this all becomes an ingrained habit. Then I'll look at strength training or other options.

The first day I was a total mess, and could barely do 25 minutes on a basic elliptical machine, and my heart rate kicked up to (ridiculous number deleted) very quickly.

I don't bounce back like I used to, but it only took a day or two before my heart rate stopped spiking up to (ridiculous number deleted) at any significant effort, and I was able to start maintaining a lower rate.

About 2 weeks in K had to buy a new heart rate monitor, so I had him pick one up for me too, and that has helped a lot. I was probably overdoing things a bit before that point. I've started using the goal heart rate programs on the machines. I can easily maintain 145-150bpm for 40-60 minutes. I now need to work towards the point where it's more effort to do that.

I've just started working on maintaining a lower heart rate (instead of jumping straight to 145-150) for a significant portion of my workout. I'm currently at 135, and hope to work that down a bit.
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The house continues to inch towards "clean."

Spray-on carpet cleaner is not, I repeat, not the bomb. It's a mediocre stop-gap solution when one doesn't have the time to rent a real carpet cleaner. Still, it does some good.

The amount of crap that went into recycling this weekend is not epic, but it's substantial.

Score at the moment
  • Bedroom is messy, but underwent a partial cleaning recently and is in a good state to be recovered
  • Bathroom is partially clean and should be clean soon
  • Studio is a disaster
  • Back hall is clean.
  • Living room isn't clean, but it is substantially de-crapped and very close to clean
  • Kitchen is a bit messy, but was recently clean and easily recoverable
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It is cleaner than it's been in years. Moving furniture is a good way to make sure things get done.

The kitchen is still pretty clean. That makes 2 rooms.
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  • It's been over a week and the kitchen is still clean. The cabinets still need to be sorted through to clear more space.
  • A great deal of junk that was in the front hall (or the postage stamp that passes for a front hall) has been cleared.
  • The linen closet has been sorted. I've got a pile of bedding that should go to charity.
  • We have a growing pile of stuff going to BASFA for auction.
  • I'm actually going to the gym on my own... who knew? There are some logistical issues involving the gym bag and the motorcycle.
  • is clearing out the old model FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing kit for $80. The stores already have the new model for $160.
  • The Costco at Almaden & 85 has Warre's Otima 20 Year Old Tawny Port
  • Anyone know of a good online source for Levis? I'm sick of never finding my size, and Mervyn's is gone.
  • Anyone know of a good eBay broker? We've got some stuff to dump, but I don't want to do the work myself.


Dec. 16th, 2008 11:02 pm
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It is, of course, the time for annoying things to go wrong.

My wardrobe cabinet tipped over the other night. Granted, it was badly unbalanced with everything in it and stacked on it. It's done this a few times before. This time, though, it's wonked up enough that it doesn't want to stand very well anymore, and the drawers are sticking badly. I see a trip to Ikea in our future.

We've got a ground fault interrupter that keeps tripping when it rains. Trips immediately after resetting when it's raining. Resets fine after the rains let up. I'm expecting a leak tripping it.

It does look like one of the drives in the ReadyNAS is failing. It's a soft fail rather than a hard fail, which the system just doesn't deal with gracefully. I've got a support request in with the ReadyNAS team to identify the failing drive, and then I'll send the bad drive back to Hitachi for warranty replacement. At least that's only going to cost a few bucks to ship the drive out to the RMA depot.
bovil: (Default) my "do something responsible" holiday. Last year it was getting my motorcycle saddle (on the K75) recovered.

This year it was plumbing. It was also getting new tires on the K75. The toilet is fixed. The K75 has new tires (and a new triple-clamp screw, which I didn't know it needed).

I'm not going to give you the laundry list of my friends and relatives who have served.
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Obama? Yay.

Democratic Senate gains? Yay.

Democratic house gains? Yay.

I'm going to send a letter, though, to my representative, my senators and the democratic leadership. Don't squander this chance. Don't make this into the first two years of the Carter administration. Don't make this into the first two years of the Clinton administration. Don't make this into the first two years of the second W administration (he had it his way in 2004-2006, or he should have). Come together. Work on reform. Work with the moderate Republicans; some of them have good ideas and might agree with you on some things. Drive legislation.

Prop 8? Not so yay. There's an estimated 3,000,000 uncounted mail-in and provisional ballots, though. There's still a slim chance that the proposition could be defeated if those ballots skew the right direction.

If you voted "yes" on Prop 8, you voted to end my marriage. I will not forgive that.

If you are crying in your beer about Prop 8's likely passage, and were eligible to vote in California but didn't vote against it, Prop 8's victory is your fault. I will not forgive that.
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It's a hacked-up mess.

The back yard looks like a hacked-up mess. This is an improvement over the over-grown mess that it looked like before. There's a car-sized pile of green waste that's going to have to go to compost. Anybody got a chipper/shredder?

I also gave everything a wash-down with "insecticide soap" (potassium salts of amino acid soap, a popular organic natural insecticide) to get rid of the aphids and mites that have been infesting some of the trees. We'll see how it works.

We're going to have to replant a few things. A lot is just going to come back up from the roots, though.
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This just in from Jesus' General:

Craig Family Values
Vitter Family Values

Yeah, I've got no problem going negative on these people. They're the kind of folks that marriage needs to be defended against. I would love to see a list of major promoters of these initiatives and bills with marriages shorter and more one-sided than the engagements of queer couples who aren't allowed to marry.
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Marriage License/Certificate Marriage License/Certificate
Our little constitutional inconvenience. It's got all the ID-theft bait and personal addresses of the officiant and witnesses blurred out.

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So here's how next Saturday (6/14) is shaping up:
08:45: Breakfast, probably OPH (-ish, could be as late as 9:15)
10:00: PenWAG meeting in Saratoga
12:00: (-ish) finish at PenWAG meeting and head to Milpitas
13:00: (or earlier, ideally earlier) get to West Kingdom Arts & Sciences Tourney at Ed Levin Park in Milpitas to join [ profile] gurdymonkey and [ profile] gcmadtown81

From then on it's all wing-it.
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We got some housecleaning done.

The bedroom is perhaps 30% cleaned. The living room is probably around 10% cleaned. Still, it's visible progress. We just need to keep this up.


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