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...the only question is "Why didn't I hear of this earlier?"

So there's this thing called NASCAR. It's really popular, particularly in the south. It involves beer and "natural male enhancement" advertisements written all over American-made cars. The cars go around in circles for hours at a time. Not my idea of interesting. I prefer when racers have to turn corners in both directions.

For over 50 years, the "Southern 500" in Darlington, SC was a Labor Day tradition, at least until a track-shareholder in Texas sued NASCAR for anti-trust violations that froze out his track. 2004 was the last "Southern 500," and a lot of NASCAR fans were very disappointed. The Labor Day race was moved to Southern California.

5 years later, and NASCAR is ready to make a big event out of their Labor Day race again, Labor Day 2009.

They're reviving the "Southern 500" name.

They're moving the race back to the southeast.

Darlington, SC? Nope.


Now what else happens in Atlanta on Labor Day weekend?

ETA: No, not the Chick-fil-A College Kick-off (University of Alabama vs. someone non-conference) at the Georgia Dome. But it looks like "Bama" and Chick-fil-A are on the fast track to make this an annual Labor Day event at the Georgia Dome...
bovil: (Default) of the first three guests announced for this year, apparently.

Con cancels guest 3 weeks before the con. (note: Con cancels guest, not guest blows off con)

Guest gets upset and a tad snarky. Snark doesn't negate the validity of his complaint. Sockpuppetry ensues in the comment thread (ironic, seeing how guest's wife is a well-known puppet enthusiast).

Con deletes questions about guest from their forums.

Con posts official announcement of the cancellation. Folks complain and small bits of sockpuppetry ensue again.


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