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...and just plain everybody else:
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A Quantum of Hitlers


...wait for it...

The Legendary Luchadoricorn! (in yesterday's installment)
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Of course, it couldn't really be that easy...

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...once Dubya found the internets.
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so [ profile] theferrett (who is getting beat up online for a silly convention idea gone somewhat wrong) is co-writing a new webcomic, My Name is Might Have Been.

It's a strange and surreal dystopian rock-fantasy.

If you want to read the comic, start with the above link; there are 15 pages so far. If not, click through, but you'll regret it if you change your mind and want to read the whole thing )
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Like many of you, I was very surprised when, about a year ago, Garfield suddenly became funny again. Who knew Jon getting some would result in wackier hijinx than Jon never getting any?

(Well, besides the folks who wrote and produced the American Pie trilogy and spawned the dweeb-nookie comedy genre?)

In the last few weeks I've seen a pair of really... interesting takes on Garfield.

Apparently it started with MackJ hypothesizing that Garfield would be really freaky if Garfield himself was silent, like a real cat. There is mention of an older site that did this, but the evidence has been mysteriously destroyed.

It was followed by Garfield Minus Garfield. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be particularly afraid that entirely empty panels are comedy gold.
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It's not as wild as it sounds, and it's not just because 'ficcers chose "canon" to define what the true source material is.

The Nicene Creed is Christianity's FanLib.

A lot of energy is expended nitpicking the source material, fanwriting (let's nominate Orson Scott Card for "Best Fanwriter" next year!) and fighting over who the most dedicated fan is.

The Pope, James Dobson and Jerry Fallwell (and for that matter all the Elders, Imams, Ayatollahs and the rest; it's not just Christian sects that map this way) are BNFs.

Interdenominational squabbles are usually about which BNF is bigger, or about what fanon is relevant and irrelevant.

Megachurches and traveling big-dollar arena revival shows give a new ironic twist to "Creation Entertainment."

And, of course, there are a lot of consumer-fans.
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Peppermint Herring Guts Barffuchino

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...wastin yur bandwith.

But it's worth it.

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Maxim gave his hat to Lars.


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