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...and anybody else into kaiju, chickens, or midget luchadores (I'll let you guess which one [ profile] kaijugal is into):

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Watch this (find the "WATCH THIS MOVIE" link on the right below the ad banner).


Mar. 6th, 2006 12:28 pm
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For all you Fullmetal Alchemist freaks out there...
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There's a syndicated feed of [ profile] weeblsstuff_all if you want to get your Weebl news and announcements on your friends page.
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...of Weebl and Bob.

So sad. So very sad.


Dec. 29th, 2005 12:06 pm
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There's a new Foamy out today.

That's not the warning. Well, it's half not the warning.

It's a bit extreme, even for Foamy.

Not in the rantiness department.

In the "yech" department.
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...of "The 'Liberal Media' is only as liberal as their conservative owners let them be" I present:

Black Ink Monday

Yesterday's cartoon protest by editorial cartoonists against media corporations (and particularly Tribune Media) underscores recent moves away from retaining staff editorial cartoonists in favor of cheaper syndicated editorial cartoons that don't (and can't) feature local events.
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...and violent. Probably work-safe, though. Possibly not epilepsy safe.

To quote the link on the originating site, licky-clicky.

Worth it, if for nothing else than what looks a lot like a Welsh Corgi police dog.
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You be the judge.

(Work safe, but with sound, and if you work with folks in their 30s or 40s they're going to want to know why you're on the floor in convulsions, and then you're going to have to show them and the captions aren't really that work safe.)
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Watch this.

It's probably work safe. No nudity, no bad language, but totally wrong.

Totally wrong.

I can't tell you how wrong.

Well, I could, but then you wouldn't have to watch it.
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...but it's so damned funny.

It's even funnier after you read the fine print.
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Vendetta's Breakfast Vendetta's Breakfast
Clam Pancakes, from the Original Pancake House. No, I'm not kidding.The menu listing is real, and so are the pancakes.
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So I haven't been doing the traditional Wednesday night (Thursday morning) posting about Drawn Together because, unfortunately, most of the episodes have been crap.

Well, except for last week's "Clum baby/Arranged battle" episode. A good Wooldoor episode and...



Foxy and the dead band was the only other episode this season that has even come close to last year.



Tonight was the re-run of gay-married-for-the-insurance, which isn't utter crap, but wasn't great.

So instead we watched (I love my DVR) the rerun of "Harvey's Civvy." Yep, the Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law where he gets sued by one of the villains, and Shado (evil leprechaun head-stealer) is the plaintiff's attorney.

Oy gevalt...

Such a funny thing I never saw. Seriously. I was just collapsing. Seriously.
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...the attraction of Intelligent Design.

I guess the Kansas School Board already knew this is science.
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eBaum's World sucks

Lyrics aren't work-safe, so wear headphones.


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