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There were fewer tragedies in this semi. Not saying there weren't any, but fewer is better. Here are our winners.
  • Estonia. Crap. Not Greece-level crap. Not Portugal level crap, but hardly the kind of song that should lead off the winners.
  • Romania. OK song, needs a better singer.
  • Moldova. WTF? Devo, meet Boingo.
  • Ireland. OK, I have to love Jedward. They're like crack on crack.
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina? Wow! Dino Merlin makes it through! Dino Merlin is probably the oldest performer in the final! And he's really good!
  • Denmark's "A Friend in London" has a good, solid ballad.
  • Austria! Yay! It's a drag queen classic in the making! And she's got a great voice!
  • Ukraine has an OK song, but the real talent is the sand painter
  • Slovenia had a weak opening, but did get better.
  • Sweden! Yay! Sorry, but I've got to love Eric Saade.

The losers?
The Netherlands had an OK song, but oy, their choreography was painful. Belgium's fabu acapella group was doomed, doomed I say! Even (probable) silicone boobs couldn't prevent the singers from Slovakia from being flat. Cyprus was missing its autotune. Bulgaria had probably the best hard-rock number of the entire contest, and got knocked out. I so wanted to like Macedonia, I love pop folk but the singer was lame. The triumphant return of Israel's Dana International was hardly triumphant, more weak actually. Belarus showed so much promise, and then they started singing. Latvia was just "meh."

It's kind of weird. I loved Moldova, but I really didn't want them to make the final. Still, every Eurovision final needs some comedy. Belgium and Bulgaria not making the cut are both very disappointing.
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